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Well. I have learned a lot.

April 3, 2011

My first month of attempting to have my work published has come to a close. I did not expect to hear any responses over my first month but I was wrong. Two flash fiction pieces were accepted (see the links to the side of the page) and I also received rejections – um, way more than two. The rejections were entirely my fault, I’m afraid. I did a terrible job of summing up my novella in the query letter. I rewrote my query letter and sent it off to a publisher that I hoped would be a very good fit for me. They are reading it now and have warned me that it may take several months. In my excitement, I sent off a couple of flash fiction pieces to a site that I knew was not a good fit; they did not have anything previously published that looked remotely like what I had sent in. I also sent off a short story to a publisher that is not accepting work from my particular gender. Oops. Technically, I have not received a rejection letter from that publisher but I think I can mentally place it on the reject pile.

I received only one rejection email that truly stung. I knew that the failure could not be chalked up to my habitual impatience or neglect in reading the fine print, but instead the editor (who I think is totally awesome) simply did not like my work. The rejection was worded so very nicely and I was encouraged to send in more work for future anthologies. Not bad so far, right? Then the letter went on to say that the editor had received more than 150 entries in just two weeks. Sigh. I love this editor’s work and I was not even considered by her to be at the upper echelon of 150 entries.

Ah well, I can chalk it up to experience. For the month of April, My goal is to slow down and do my due diligence before wasting publisher’s time or my own. I started to learn this lesson towards the end of March. I am also performing more research online and finding helpful resources and pointers. I will publish the resources as I find them in the links section of this site. If anyone has any useful links, pointers, or info, please post a comment.

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