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Find Me On Facebook, I Say Nonchalantly

April 8, 2011

Angry Facebook MonstersWell I did it. I just created my Facebook account. I feel quite industrious now, really. And  because the page is brand spanking new, I do not yet feel bad that I have not earned any likes. That spiral of self doubt self-inflicted ego bashing will not begin for at least a week.

If anyone would like to find me on Facebook. my page name is D.C McMillen. Post anything you want on my wall. Links to your writing, blog, website, etc.  Anything that would interest or inform writers will not be deleted. Okay right now it is anything that would interest or inform writer but you never know; that readership could blow up at any moment…like now. Or now. Okay probably not now, per se, but the potential is there.

Find me on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or both, really. Whatever, it’s a free country. Um..if you live in a free country. If not, sorry about that last quip.

Oh, and this awesome image came from Design By Pixel.

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