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Flash Fiction: The 8:15 Train

April 12, 2011

Hi Folks,

Here is my attempt at writing a flash fiction piece in exactly 100 words. I would appreciate any feedback, suggestions, etc. You can also find another recently published flash fiction piece in my links section.

The 8:15 Train
We bumped into each other on the 8:15. It was not the first morning I had seen her. We used to admire each other from afar. Eventually we sat across from each other, then beside one another. This, however, was the first time we made physical contact. It was, in fact, our first outward acknowledgement of each other’s presence. She laughed, taking the blame for our faux collision. After some small talk, we played hooky at a high-end hotel. Our fucking was dirty and loud. She never took the 8:15 train again. I hope she wasn’t fired for missing work.

train tracks


UPDATE: I decided this story sucked. I switched it up a bit, shortened it to 50 words and entered it in a contest here. To my shock and amazement, it won! Yay!

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