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Time to Clean My Mind: Four Classic Jokes

April 26, 2011

I went on a writing bender over the long weekend. Finished off a little novella. Or maybe it’s a short story. It’s just over 19,000 words so I think that could go either way – much like the characters in my story. (lol)

So having spent my weekend writing about sex and other adult-y type things, I think I would now like to now share some of my most favouritist (hey, if I went so far as to write adult-y then I might as well go all the way and write favouritist) and cleanest jokes. All classics, of course.

Classic Joke #1

An English teacher stood in front of her grade school class. “In English,” she said, “A double negative forms a positive. In Russian, a double negative forms a negative. In no language, however, will a double positiveĀ  form a negative. Does every one understand?”

A kid in the back of the class says “Yeah, right.”

Classic Joke #2

Guy 1: My dog has no nose.

Guy 2: How does he smell?

Guy 3: Awful.

Classic Joke #3

A pirate walks into his doctor’s office for his physical. The doctor asks “You know you have a steering wheel in your pants?”

The pirate responds “Arrr, it’s drivin’ me nuts.”

Classic Joke #4

Q: Why isn’t Cinderella on any baseball teams?

A: She’s always running away from the ball.

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