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Sex Graphs

April 29, 2011

I came across ten sex charts by OK Trends yesterday, via SEMOZ. You can check out all ten sex charts but I will give you three I enjoyed the most.

As someone who tweets on a daily (okay hourly) basis, I found this little stat pretty interesting:

twitter masturbators

With the exception of the occasional fish or shrimp, my diet excludes meat. So I of course love this next chart:

vegetarians like oral sex

Finally, I am cynical dork who hate HATE HATES gardening, does not attend church and refuses to discuss my feelings. Unless I am asked to express what I am feeling in my nether regions whilst in bed with other persons – I’m cool with that. So naturally, this next chart intrigued me:

rough vs gentle sex

So fellow readers (both of you) have I revealed enough info about my personality for one life time? If not, OK Trends did publish seven more charts.


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