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10 Things I Discovered Today, and One That I Discovered Yesterday

May 2, 2011

Things I discovered today:

  1. The elevator in my building likes to shut down just when I really need to do things, like make it to my dry cleaner by 7:30pm.
  2. My new shoes were not made for running to the dry cleaners.
  3. My dry cleaner closes at 7pm not 7:30pm.
  4. If I pound on the door hard enough my dry cleaner will open the door a full 27 minutes after he locked it.
  5. My dry cleaner charges $18.36, not $8.36, for a hem and cleaning.
  6. My dry cleaner will not accept a ten dollar bill even if I promise to bring another $10 the following day.
  7. If I look desperate enough, my dry cleaner will wait for me while I run across the street, up the stairs (elevator still broken), down the stairs, and back across the street.
  8. I heart my dry cleaner.
  9. I had $40 in my pocket the entire time.
  10. I am an idiot.

I had always suspected 10. and I now have all the proof I need.

Oh, and while I am talking about stupid discoveries, the warning label of the package of soybeans that I boiled for dinner last night contained the following warning: Not suitable for consumption by persons with an allergy to soy.

warning: soybeans contain soy

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