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Blockbuster: Out of Touch, Out of Mind

May 9, 2011

I decided to stop by the local Blockbuster on Sunday. I know it is opportunistic of me but I wanted to see if there were any great deals now that they are closing up shop. Well, guess what? There were no great deals. I have not been in a Blockbuster in several months but as soon as I stepped inside, I remembered why I do not frequent the place. Everything was so ridiculously overpriced. They wanted up to $40 for a blu ray disc. And the only blu ray’s or dvd’s that were on sale should have been on sale for 1/2 of the sale price.

I should have guessed they were a little out of touch with reality when I saw this sign in their window.

Blockbuster now hiring sign

On a separate note; Shoot Em Up was pretty much the most terrible movie I have watched in a while. I cannot help but think, though, if they just replaced Clive Owen with Jason Stathem, it would have been the most awesome terrible movie created since, well, Crank.

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