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Adults Only Hypnotist Show. I Went There.

June 6, 2011

What did I do this weekend? I am glad you asked! I went to Dave & Buster’s in Vaughan, ON, to see an XXX Adult Hypno Show.

Did I have fun? Hell yeah! Did I participate? Hell No! It’s not that I have anything against being hypnotized, of course. I just lack the basic ability of following even the simplest of directions, which renders me immune to any form of mind control (one of the reasons I am a writer).

I did get a fofillian photos, a few of which I have posted below. I also took video but I have not been able to figure out how to pull video from my phone. People have tried to show me how but, well, see above.

The Hypnotists name is Dave Curran. You can find Dave Curran on Facebook and on his website. I think he will be back at Dave & Buster’s in Vaughan on July 2nd but I am not positive. The Dave & Buster’s website does not even acknowledge that there any Canadian locations and I only saw mention of the June show on Dave Curran’s Facebook page.

Props for Curran’s show included bananas, dildos and, of course, male and female blow up dolls of various shapes and sizes.

Admission to the show was $20 and included $10 in game tokens.

dave curran hypno show

Adult theme hypno show


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