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Things I Overheard on the Weekend

June 21, 2011

This is a little segment I like to call Things I Overheard On the Weekend. As the title might suggest, it features things I overheard strangers saying at some point during the weekend.

A girl on her cell phone:

“Was it pointy?”


“How pointy was it?”

I am still wondering wtf she was referring to.


Man talking to another man:

“If I wanted to do two things at once I would have to change my sex.”

Um. What?


Two women talking to each other:

Woman 1:  “I don’t know if this song will be okay for your kids; it’s kind of dirty. It says “dick” a lot.”

Woman 2: “That’s okay. As long as it doesn’t say “pussy”.”

In other news, Women’s Lib supporters around the world felt an unexplained, collective shiver on Saturday.

Until next time, folks!

Image credit: I think it came from here.


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