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Road Trip Math

June 23, 2011

If you religiously follow my twitter account, which I am positive you do, you will know that I am currently on a road trip with the boyfriend’s family. So that you may calculate the chance of my survival I am providing you with the numbers: 10 hours, 7 adults, 2 dogs, 1 van (x2 for the ride back).

We of course could have taken a flight but My bf’s family is the type that actually enjoys spending time together. In fact, one of the family members flew from BC to Toronto so she could drive with us to Boston. Coming from a family that might get together one Christmas out of every five, if and only if there is the promise of a lot of wine, the concept of a family love-fest is completely foreign and slightly unpleasant to me. Fortunately the bf’s family is  nice and warm yet offers little chance of breaking into a rousing round of Kumbaya, so I am happy so far.

Anyhoo, today is usually the day that I choose a musical video to showcase and today will be no different. I had hoped to do a round two of awesome 90’s rap today but since I am in a van and using my Bell stick, I will instead post one of my favourite road trip songs. I have no idea why it is one of my favourite road trip songs, as it has nothing to do with roads or trips, but here it is:


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