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Toronto Gay Pride Parade, 2011

July 4, 2011

Our Mayor may have skipped out on Gay Pride festivities but I was front row and centre (albeit a little late).

Rest assured, folks, that Mayor Ford’s absence was in body, mind and spirit only, as his face was plastered across the genitals of plenty of otherwise naked men and women. His face was also worn as a mask, carried on back packs (usually with something cleverly catty scrawled underneath, and hanging off the side of otherwise colourful and attractive floats. Of course, if you were one of the onlookers who preferred to avoid that image, there were plenty of anti-Ford slogans that may have served as welcome distractions; my favourite being a t-shirt identifying the wearer as Ford-o-phobic.

If anti-Ford slogans and sentiment are not your thing, you could avoid that nasty little set of politics altogether by viewing and cheering along with the floats of the liberal and/or NDP parties. While I did not see her, I am sure Olivia Chow was somewhere in that sea of orange. Wait, did the parade pass through her district?

Yes D.C., you have relayed plenty of slightly mundane observations regarding the effects of Ford’s absence but what is your opinion on the matter, you ask?

Well since you asked, here is my take on the whole matter: Ford is a giant douche bag. Always has been, always will be. He claims that his family tradition is to go with the fam to the cottage every Canada Day weekend? Well Ford, if that is what you want to do then here are two proposed solutions I conjured up just for you:

1. Don’t become mayor.

You knew what you are getting into when you started campaigning. And if you are not willing to sacrifice an afternoon to celebrate and further human rights for Canadians and other nations, well, screw you.

(What? Too harsh? Okay, read on to proposed solution number 2.)

2. Go to other Pride events.

It was Pride Week, Ford, not Pride long weekend. There were plenty of other things you could have (chose not to) do to show your support for the Gay community. You skipped out on the whole week and then blamed your absentia on a family weekend. Not cool, dude. Not cool.

Okay, with that matter so obviously settled, here are a couple of my favourite images from Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade 2011:

First Nations Pride

First Nations Pride

Iran Pride

Iran Pride

Thai Pride

Thai Pride

God Pride

God Pride

Holy Hotness

Holy Hotness

The Thai float was awesome because there were just so many beautiful Thai costumes and then this one happy dancing lady wearing a t-shirt and pants. Awesome.

For more images from Toronto Pride 2011, please visit my Facebook page. While you’re there, why not like my page? It likes you, y’know.

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