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Googlers Are a Screwy Bunch and So Am I

July 20, 2011

fucked up google searchNot exactly where I was going with that search but…well, now I can’t remember what I was searching so…

1. It is called cannibalism (or extreme flexibility).

2. It is called hypochondria. Maybe you should see a doctor for that.

3. It is called being a dick. Don’t do that.

4. It is called deposition.

5. I believe you would be called a Deist or Theist.

6. It is called a Palindrome.

7. buoymeetsgull. Cheater.

8. It is called being ambidextrous.

9. It is called an acronym. You didn’t know that? OMG, GFYS.

10.  Creepy. Stop doing that. (The technical term is nystagmus)

Now, dear Google. Can you please tell me what the fuck I was searching before your creepy searchers distracted me?

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