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Publish Date For The Islander Confirmed. Also, Some Cover Art.

August 3, 2011

I am very excited because I just learned that the publish date for the first two books in my series, Nauti-Lust will be August 10th.

I was also presented with the finals for the cover art. Yay! I have cover art! And it is not lame!

So here is the cover for the first in my series:

The Islander

The Islander by D.C. McMillen

The cover art was created by Tara at Fantasia Frog Designs. You can stalk Fantasia Frog Designs on Twitter or friend them on Facebook.

What’s that? This book looks fascinating, you say? You want to learn more? Why thank you, I would love to tell you all about it.

For starters, The Islander is a menage story with elements of humour, bordering on the ridiculous. Now, here is a little more detail:

Frank encounters a stranded tourist on the island. With the last ferry long gone and the water taxi service closed for the night, Frank brings the helpless tourist back to his marina to see if anyone is awake and willing to help her get back to the mainland before morning. His new friend and fellow boater, Tess is awake but unable to bring her across the water. Instead the three begin drinking too many margaritas and swapping embarrassing sex stories. Tess and the tourist, however, find little humour in Frank’s tale of his first and only bondage attempt, which failed miserably, and set about helping him realize his unfulfilled fantasy of being dominated.

I have been told The Islander is wickedly funny and very hot. Of course my mom tends to say what she thinks I want to hear so I hope to get a few other reviews after it is released by New Line Press on August 10th. Did I mention I am excited?!

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