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Reviews of the Nauti-Lust Series

August 21, 2011

Exciting news, folks! The third book in my Naut-Lust series (tales of erotic humour) will be officially released on August 26th, 2011. If you cannot wait that long (and who could blame you?), the story has been pre-released on my publisher’s site and All Romance eBooks.

In celebration of this news, and anticipation of the pub date, I would like to offer some reviews that some people I know wrote for the first two stories in the Nauti-Lust series, The Islander and The Blind Date.

So without further ado, here they are:

Reviews for the Nauti-Lust series

“This book gave me wood.” ~D.C.’s boyfriend

“I am only giving this book 4 out of 5 stars because it did not actually get me off. I had to do that part myself.” ~D.C.’s boyfriend, again.

“I am pretty sure this book is about me and I want royalties.” ~An egotistical friend at D.C.’s marina

“D.C.’s writing style is smart, sexy, and funny. She is the best writer ever and if anyone says otherwise, I am willing to fight about it.” ~D.C.’s mom.

“I have not yet read ‘The Islander’ yet but D.C.’s blog is highly amusing, particularly the weekly ‘Threesome Thursdays’ posts.”  ~@Lisas_alter_ego, D.C.’s Twitter friend

“[The one sentence from the book] she posted on Twitter was so good it made me take a shower to reset the ol’ noggin’.” ~@Vignirsson, D.C.’s other Twitter friend who also did not read the book

I have been D.C.’s friend for a long time and I had no clue how twisted or kinky she is until I read The Islander. I should have clued in when she won that game of Urban Dictionary Charades that one time.” ~A friend that D.C. knows through other friends.

“DC McMillen is like reading Janet Evanovich on sex steroids.” ~publisher

“D.C. McMillen is deliciously naughty!” ~CJ Starr, bestselling author

OMG! AMAZING. lust at the marina. too perfect. 🙂” ~Some awesome fan in L.A.

The Islander, *ahem*… Was very hot! All I can say is: go Frank! (I should be so lucky!)” ~@Lisas_alter_ego, D.C.’s Twitter friend, now that she read the book. So…get on it @Vignirsson.

Have these shining reviews piqued your curiosity? Head over to the Get My Stuff Page and learn more about The Islander and The Blind Date.  If you’ve already read them, please send me your reviews ( ( @ ) so I can add them. And don’t forget about The Tourist, official launch August 26th.


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