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80’s Outdoor Games. Surviving is part of the adventure

August 30, 2011

So it is the 80’s. Your parents are throwing a barbeque for all you friends. What games are you going to bring out?

Well, of course you can’t have a barbeque without Lawn Darts!

Lawn Darts were banned in 1988

Lawn Darts were banned in 1988

What else do you need? Oh yes, a long, wet strip of death.

Slip n Slide by Wham-O

Slip n Slide by Wham-O

Of course, I exaggerate. Only eight major injuries, like paraplegia, were recorded between ’78 and ’92 in the US from the Slip n Slide.

But, if you want to be cooler than all the other kids on the block, skip the Slip n Slide and instead go for the Wet Banana! It comes with a banana shaped sprinkler for added coolness.

Wet Banana Water Slide

Incidentally, my friend’s Wet Banana is the water toy that I managed to half kill myself with, and to this day my left ankle is bigger than my right ankle. In my defense, I did not have such fancy items. If I wanted water fun, I went to my grandma’s and ran though her whirly sprinkler thingy that looked almost like this except bright green and obviously attached to a hose.

Whirly Sprinkler Thingy

Whirly Sprinkler Thingy

Yay, outdoor 80’s fun! And remember; it’s not a party until some poor little bastard loses an eye.

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  1. MAJK permalink
    August 31, 2011 1:18 pm

    And this is why our generation is tougher than “kids today” 😉


    • August 31, 2011 3:02 pm

      I agree. My fourteen year old brother fell off his bike and acted like he was hit by a mack truck. I fell off my bike when I was a kid, wiped off the blood and continued to school. I did not want to be late for picture day. Wow, was my mom angry when that picture arrived.

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