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Stop that Boat – er – Train

September 7, 2011

My apologies for not posting a damn thing yesterday. Or the day before. I was sailing from Niagara On The Lake to Toronto Island. It was a cold, wet, wavy journey that I do not care to repeat in bad weather. Coming out of the Niagara River was the diciest. Luckily, we had an experienced sailor aboard; he grew up sailing off the coasts of Africa so he knew a thing or two about handling 10 ft waves.

I started to take video of the pounding our boat was getting but I had to stop to put the life jacket on my dog. It was not easy to put the life jacket on my dog because with every wave crash, we were both airborne. Yet I managed to do it. We lived through the 10 hour sail back to the safety of our dock and I am here to complain about it…And yet, I do not feel like complaining so much. In fact, I am (for some reason beyond my comprehension) looking forward to sailing next season. Maybe to Rochester? I must be insane.

Any way, to make up for Monday’s lack of music video, here is the song I was singing to myself as we sailed through angry water and shit weather. Why was I singing this song, you ask? Well, I could have taken a train home in one tenth of the time it took for me to sail. Sigh.

Here is the original, totally awesome version:

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