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Just for Funzies: Looking Back and Going Forward

September 16, 2011

August was a very good month for me. September is shaping up to be a good one, too.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember but I only started sending out manuscripts in March of this year. I am a marketing copy writer during the day. So one evening, after writing about laser hair removal (a refreshing change from the rest of the week, which was spent writing about car insurance) I debated on stabbing myself in the eye with a fork or eating an entire cheese cake. Since forks and cheesecake were both in the kitchen, a room from which I was at least 12 feet away, I instead wrote a piece of flash fiction. It was the first time I had written creatively – and by creatively I mean imaginatively because writing 60 different articles on car insurance, all of which contain the same basic information, requires a fair amount of creativity on the writer’s part – since creative writing class in university.

The flash fiction piece, entitled Let It Slip, was less than 500 words, and it involved an older guy having a one-sided conversation with his wife about her suggestion to incorporate butt plugs into their sex play. It was utterly ridiculous and I laughed as I re-read it first to myself, then to my mom over the phone. She laughed and asked for a copy to give to her friends at work but I quickly declined. My mom is a little off her rocker so I am sure the story would have made it’s way through our friends and family by breakfast the next morning. My grandfather was still recuperating from a quadruple bypass at the time so I am not sure his poor heart could have taken it. Instead I looked up websites online that might want to publish such a thing. I found a girls only erotica (porn) site called For the Girls and emailed it in before I lost my nerve. They accepted it the next day and paid me $15 (their payment for flash fiction has since risen to $20). I was, of course, ecstatic until I realized membership for the site is $40 per month so I could not afford to read my story online. D’oh!

So I started writing other stories; flash, shorts, novellas. I have even written a novel but it sucks so I have to go back to the beginning with it. I started sending these stories to publishers in March and April but the only responses I received back were a couple of immediate rejections from publishers who were kind enough to inform me they were not going to read my MS before rejecting it. Obviously, I needed to revise my querying skills.

I sent some of my flash pieces into contests and won a few, but nothing positive back from publishers. Being a serious newb, I assumed silence meant rejection, and once again considered forking my eyeball (I had stopped buying cheesecake for obvious reasons). Then, in August, I started hearing back from publishers! Let’s ignore the additional rejections I received and focus on the positive. Catherine at New Line Press was the first publisher to accept a short story, entitled The Islander.  Since then the Islander has evolved into a series and I am currently working on my fifth. I have also been accepted into a few anthologies, and will have another short story, called The Rental, coming out soon with MuseItHot publishing.

Below is a list of my upcoming stories. Hopefully I will be adding more to this list soon:

The Sweet Spot – M/M/M – Nauti-Lust series – Official release date is Sept 21 but you can buy advance copies now at New Line Press, All Romance Books and Book Strand.

The Mermaid – M/F/M – Nauti-Lust series – Release date TBA. Published by New Line Press.

The Unlucky Fruit – WTF?! Anthology – To be released by end of 2011 by Pink Narcissus Press

The Rental – M/F – Release date TBA, by MuseItHot publishing

A Question of Sexual Compatibility – M/M with a little bit of F – Publish date TBA – Back Door Lover  by Debra Koss-Wilson. Published by Ravenous Romance

Double Whammy  – M/M/M – Taken By Force II – To be released in Spring 2012  by Christopher Pierce at Starbooks press.

And So It Begins – M/M with elements of a lot more M – Taken By Force II – To be released in Spring 2012  by Christopher Pierce at Starbooks press.

I will give more info about all of these releases so please keep reading, folks. Also, check out my Get My Stuff page for books available for purchase. Hopefully I will get longer works published soon.

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  1. September 16, 2011 10:38 am

    60 articles on car insurance? I sympathise. I’m not sure if you are aware, I’m a lawyer – mostly an insurance lawyer! I’ve lost count of the number of things I’ve read about insurance – articles, websites, marketing fliers, policy wordings, disclosure statements…. In 8 years, the list is endless.

    Give me a good piece of fiction any day.

    Although, come to think of it, some of the insurance articles I’ve read are bordering on fiction. Do I really have to tell someone one more time ‘You can’t say that?’

    I’m sure the erotica is more interesting….

    • September 19, 2011 2:59 pm

      Yes, I am still writing for that client. Every once in a while I get some interesting topics but I much prefer fiction.

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