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Toronto Erotica Writers and Readers Meetup. I went there.

October 5, 2011

Last Wednesday, I attended the Toronto Erotica Readers and Writer’s meetup. I was not sure what to expect from the meetup, and to be honest, I hemmed and hawed right up to the final hour about whether or not I would go. Luckily, curiosity allowed my extrovert self to put my introvert self in a submission hold, and I took off to the meetup.

I arrived early to the Tequila Bookworm on Queen W. so I ducked into a fantastically kitsch shop across the street. I fully intend to return there to do at least half of my Christmas shopping. I sifted through the wide selection of greeting cards in hopes of finding a congrats card for a friend who recently had a baby, and I had yet  to mail an acknowledgement of the big event.

I briefly considered one card that said “Congratulations on the new baby” on the cover, and then on the inside asked “How’s your vagina?”. I thought it was worth a chuckle but, then again, I did not just expel an 11lb 3oz child from my nether regions so I had trouble discerning whether or not she would see the humour. Instead I bought a card that said “Congratulations on your new baby! We all knew you had it in you.” I almost died laughing because lame humour is my favourite kind.

I showed up exactly on time to the Tequila Bookworm only to find I was the second person to arrive. Thank goodness I did not show up early or I would have been three sheets to the wind before anyone else had even arrived.  I say this because, the first thing I did when arriving was introduce myself to the only other attendee so far and then order a glass of red wine. The wonderful, amazing, bestest bartender in the entire world gave me an over sized glass of red filled to the brim. Did I mention I love the bartender?

As I sipped my wine, other guests filtered in, as well as the organizer, Jon Pressick. Now, I feel the need to mention that, upon seeing Jon, I felt a smidge overdressed. See, Jon wore a gold lamé smoking jacket that would put old Hef to shame, black socks pulled smartly to his calf muscles, and black and white wing tip shoes. I looked at my comparatively dowdy black dress pants and purple checked blouse thinking “Fuck you, Banana Republic. You have screwed me again.”


As Jon set everything up, I introduced myself to a gentleman whose name tag read Dr. XXX. I immediately felt bad for Dr. XXX because his wine glass was normal sized and not quite overflowing. I pointed this out and suggested he order his next one from my favourite bartender. He thanked me for the tip and then introduced himself as Steve. He did this before I could refer to him even once as Dr. XXX so, naturally I felt robbed. I considered holding a grudge but I find it difficult to become surly with a glass of red in my hand. Also, Steve introduced me to a wonderful author named Myna Wallen.

Myna was the main attraction, so to speak, and her reading was fabulous! I have put Myna’s book, Confessions of a Reluctant Cougar, on my To Read list. After Myna read, Steve also read a few tonto pieces from the book River of Stars by Yosano Akiko.


The next and final person to read was Devyn Christopher Gillette . He read his story, Bad Influences, published in an anthology by Cleiss Press, edited by Violet Blue. Devyn wrote his story from the female perspective and, I will be honest, it was odd to hear a story from a female perspective being told by a man with a very masculine, raspy voice. When he read the line, “I’m a lucky bitch,” it was difficult for me to not giggle. Instead I finished off my gigantic wine and ordered another. And then another. Of course, this meant that the next time Devyn read for the second time that he was “a lucky bitch”, I did giggle and I was almost too tipsy to mind my faux pas.

After the open mic session closed, I felt just loose enough to allow myself to be interviewed by a lovely reporter from The Grid (Formerly Eye Weekly), a division of the Toronto Star. I promised this reporter that I would give a reading at the next meetup, at which point he told me he would come back for it. Eeeek! says sober, next day D.C.


After the meeting I sat down and had a couple more drinks with Myna, a couple of Myna’s gal pals, and Devyn. They are all awesome and I hope to see them again at the next meetup. Even if they did not like the congratulations on your baby, we all knew you had it in you card.

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  1. October 5, 2011 11:03 pm

    Wise choice putting that card back on the shelf. I was threatening people with a half-brick in a sock by the end of my pregnancy. The one you chose was much better. I, too, like lame humour.

    I also love bartenders. It was nice of you to recommend your bardtender to Steve, but you might have found that the bartender was less accommodating for poor Dr. XXX. I distinctly remember taking a friend to the bar (we are both women on whom fortune smiled when it came to female assets). Ordering two cowboy shots, the bartender poured them, smiled, passed them to us while a male friend watched, and said that will be $3. Even one shot should have cost twice that. Needless to say, our guy friend didn’t get quite the same service…

    • October 6, 2011 12:22 am

      Yep, the only thing better than lame humor is a bartender willing to show a little favoritism.

      There were so many great cards there. I had trouble choosing. I tend to go a little crazy when it comes to buying greeting cards. I’m surprised and impressed with my restraint that night!

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