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Music Monday: I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

October 10, 2011

Sticking with the theme of matching music to my short stories, I am moving on to The Tourist.

The Tourist is a short, erotic and humorous story about a guy named Dom (despite Dom’s name, he suffers from near debilitating shyness). Enter Mia, a tourist who has no problem at all speaking her mind. She also has no problem giving blow jobs in public places, despite the fact that she and Dom keep getting caught. So, with that in mind, here are my song choices for this Music Monday and The Tourist.

I chose the obvious; Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones. I chose this particular video of Satisfaction because I love all the insanely high people in the video, especially the crazy blonde. I also like how Jagger  forgot the words ( I presume) to the song and just kept telling us we were going to get satisfaction.

My next obvious song choice about sex in public is the classic Aerosmith tune, Love in an Elevator.

Now for a couple of bonus songs. After all, patient Dom Deserves a little extra after the night he had!

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