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I Get Around, Baby, and I Want You to Come

October 22, 2011

That has to be my most sexually suggestive title to date. And I mean every word of it. So, if you want more fun time with me then I am more than happy to accommodate. After interviewing the unfairly talented Raine yesterday, I dashed over to Sex Marks the G-Spot for a quick promo of the first three books in the Nauti-Lust Series. I am back there today for a revealing author interview (learn what I really think of my knees). Please mosey on over to Sex Marks the G-Spot; it’s fabulous site.

Still haven’t got enough of me? Good! Aside from my regular scheduled programming on the e-rotica blog, I will be hanging out at the Red Lipstick Journals this Monday. I will be offering up a guest post, which will not be at all like my interview with Sex Marks the G-Spot. In fact, I may even contradict myself once or twice. Who knows, really. I tend to be drunk for interviews.

Sex Marks G Spot 

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