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Friday Spotlight with J. Fields, Jr.

November 11, 2011

Rememberance Day PoppyThis is an extra special Friday, folks. J. Fields, Jr. is under the spotlight’s glare and he has agreed to do take on a flash fiction challenge! He is the first brave soul to choose this option and I, for one, could not be happier.

Before we get to the flash fiction challenge, I am aware that some people are wondering who, exactly, is J. Fields, Jr. is. Well,  here is  his full bio:

The author Jim Fields, Jr. has been a stand-up comic, a dog trainer, a zookeeper, a storyboard artist, and a mural painter before spending the last 15 years in the casino entertainment industry. He designs and develops his own book covers and promotional art using his graphic design background.

Being one of the few individuals in the Unites States who worked with Tasmanian Devils, he is used to doing things the hard way.

His years as an executive in the casino hotel industry, working with high-rollers and celebrities, are what have shaped his debut novel Casino Shuffle! The author writes short stories in horror, action-adventure and comedy as well.

An avid reader, movie fanatic, daddy, and comic book geek his books are fast and funny, with lots of action, peril, everyday heroes, bad guys and beautiful women…with the occasional sweet spot.

If you think his bio is awesome (and it is) just wait until you see his bio pic, created especially for yours truly. Before we get to that, though, let’s get right to the flash fiction challenge.

Rules and guidelines ~Word count = 200 words or less, time frame = max 24 hrs, prompt = image:

weird sign

image prompt



“We made it.”

“Where are we going?”

He ignored that.  “Light me up a cigarette?”

She worked the pack from her jeans.  “Two left.  Time to quit.”  Her stuttery laugh might have been panic.

He sighed out smoke.  “Hey.”


“I can’t fly this plane.”

“You said…you took lessons.”

“Never actually flew.”

“What the fuck are we doing here?”

He hit the master switch.  Worked the priming knob.  “Ever hear of going out in a blaze of glory?”  He hit the ignition and the propeller began to spin.

Shivering as the engine rumbled her seat she said, “Yeah.”

“The propeller.  You get it?”

Her chest heaved.  “Yeah okay.”

They smoked.

Talking over the engine she asked, “Were you hitting on me in the bar?”


“You’re not really my type.”

He laughed at that.  “Here they come.”

“Shit.”  She ran her hands through her hair.  “Okay let’s do this.’

He tugged a flask from his pocket.  “Buy you that drink now?”

“You’re on.”

“Helluva first date.”

“I’ve had worse.”

He throttled forward and the Cessna began to taxi off the tarmac and into the grass.  A hundred yards away, the shambling undead came forth.

“Let’s chop up some zombies.”


Wow. That was awesome. So, uh, how was it for you, J.?

J Fields Jr bio pic

J. Fields Jr. bio pic

That good, huh? (brushes shoulder off) Yeah, I thought it would be.

I bet that after that brilliant piece of flash fiction, everyone is wondering what, exactly, your current book is about. Let’s indulge them!

Casino Shuffle by J Fields, Jr.

Casino Shuffle – Come meet the formidable Antonio Cruz, Head Butler at the Native Sun Casino. Bring your best bowtie; it’s going to be a crazy weekend…

Antonio Cruz uses his considerable talents to fend off a celebrity stalker known as the Kamikaze Cam determined to cash-in on the reckless escapades of a starlet’s rapper boyfriend. Though the impending romance between the beautiful actress and a high-roller might mend a pair of hearts, it has the deck stacked against Antonio. Luckily Mark Ford, the Security Manager, is by his side as they use every resource at their disposal to survive being held at gunpoint, mauled by a mob of percolating teenage girls, attacked by a mako shark, corralling a live broadcast of a Million Dollar Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament, chasing a paparazzo daredevil, all while trying not to lose $250,000 of the casino’s money! That is a gamble that only the legendary Antonio Cruz is willing to wager on.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Now as a little bonus, let’s get to know J. Fields Jr with the questions that only I would bother to ask.

Q. Tell me, J, do you have a work in progress and, if so, can you tell us a bit about it?

A. YES I DO BABY!  It’s the sequel to Casino Shuffle, called Bad Beat.  It has Antonio going up against some local mobsters, and at the same time revealing some of his secret history that turned him into the butler extraordinaire he is today.  I have two books sketched out after Bad Beat, and I’m not sure which one will shove it’s way forward to be written first, but neither is a Casino novel.

Q. Sure to be a great follow up! So, um….What is your favourite food?
A. Nachos.  Almost once a week I go to my favorite bar and have a plate of nachos and they have a big swimming party in Lake Ginandtonic.  Then I smoke a cigarette and smile for hours and hours.
Q. Definitely my kind of lake. What is your goofiest habit?
A. This is gonna be hard to narrow down.  Let’s see.  I draw super-heroes when I’m on the phone at my desk at work.  I wear bowties every day to work.  I like to hide small action figures around the house for my roommate to stumble across.  I whistle my own theme music when I enter a room.  Hmmm.

(I don’t know what I love more; a man in a bow tie or a man with his own theme music.)

Q. Describe your ultimate vacation.

A. Paris!  I’ve been once, and want to go again.  I’d like to just spend weeks there in the spring roaming around, trying to be as cool as the Parisians.  I did some sketching in their parks of the statues.  It’s just really, really neat.

Q. That sounds amazing. Can I come? Don’t answer right away. You can think about it. In the mean time, who should I include in my next Threesome Thursday?
A. Me, you, and a gallon of glitter.

(rawr! Does that mean you are a yes for Paris?)

J, I know you are a multi-talented guy and you actually made a trailer for your book, Casino Shuffle. Let’s play it now. (Note to readers, click play now).

Before you go, J, I hear that you have a newly designed cover for Casino Shuffle. How about we do the big reveal right here, right now?

New Shuffle New Cover
Holy shit, I did not think you would go for that. Definitely a hot cover; I am impressed.

Thanks for stopping by, J. Until we meet in Paris I will continue to stalk you, and encourage everyone else to do the same, at the following spots on the web.





youtube video:

4 Comments leave one →
  1. November 11, 2011 11:59 am

    I love flash fiction-this was great!

  2. November 11, 2011 10:08 pm

    Yeah, who doesn’t love chopping up zombies?

  3. November 11, 2011 11:08 pm

    Awesome flash fiction! Two of my favorite things, zombies and Jim Fields Jr. The guy is a total artist (ask my blog, he’s contributed the art to my Daywalker series) and he’s an even better writer. I loved Casino Shuffle, and a few other bits he’s been kind enough to share with me. Thanks for the super spotlight DC. You rock!

  4. November 14, 2011 2:41 pm

    I love this guy. He is a fantastic artist, and I REALLY love the cover for Casino Shuffle. Smokin’ hot.

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