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Friday Spotlight with Rebecca Treadway

January 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! It was very important to me that I celebrate this ominous date with an appropriate spotlight guest. After much thought (at least three minutes worth, although perhaps not consecutive) I knew exactly whom I wanted to feature. One of my fave tweeps @creepywalker! Her awesome twitter name and creepily fabulous twitter avatar made me beg beg BEG for her to step under the spotlight. Okay, I didn’t actually beg. I asked politely and thank goodness she agreed or I would have then begged and cried until she agreed under some level of duress, which I would have ignored (the duress, that is, not the acceptance). So without further ado, let’s get this interview with @creepywalker, or Rebecca as she is know outside of the Twitter realm, started.

Rebecca’s bio: Rebecca Treadway is a writer, artist, and photographer with a penchant for taking long walks through risky parts of town. For writing inspiration, of course. Contrary to her Twitter url, her street nickname is “NYL” (New York Lady)- pegged as a New Yorker by local homies, when she’s in fact – a native Northern California woman. It’s all good.

(Am I the only one in love with that bio?)

You are both a talented writer and artist. Do you have one true love or do you devote yourself to both equally?

Thank you! I butter both slices of the bread but if I had to choose – it would be writing.

Your latest work recently passed through the beta reading phase with flying colours. What is your process for finding suitable beta testers?  

I didn’t have one, truly. I lucked in. Story wise, flying colors yes – but I have some tech errors to fix thanks to my careless but speedy typing. 😉

Tell us all about your latest projects!

Project1CallieCoverA supernatural/dark urban fantasy novella titled “Project 1: Callie”.  It popped into my head in roughly a week and is the same story mentioned above that passed the beta read.  It’s a glimpse into the “universe” of a series I’m working on, the first novel “I Chiang” will be my official debut. Yikes!  But P1: Callie is my official novella debut 😉 I’m nervous.

Where do you find inspiration? 

Everywhere! Everyone and everything is fodder for my next story.  My current WIP’s protagonist is the culmination of several women I had conversations with while on the bus or the commuter train and the Police officer in the story is based on a real officer – sweet smiling dimples and all. 😉

What books and/or authors have most influenced you?

Robert Howard, Michael Moorcock, George RR Martin. The Elric Saga is top on my list of influences.

Are there any new authors that have captured your interest?

Two “debut” novels in the Indie horror scene stood out for me, story wise – last year.  BE Scully’s “Verland, The Transformation” and Erik Gustafson’s “Fall Leaves & The Black Dragon”.  Those are two books I would reread. Marissa Farrar also captured my interest with “The Dark Road” – currently reading it now. 🙂

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Stopping. I have a habit of turning one book into a bloody series, or at the least – a trilogy.

Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s)?  

Yes. I am/was all over Old Sacramento, and the Downtown area. The 2nd book of the Unfailed series takes place mostly in that locale.  I’ve already been to several different states that ultimately wind up in the series.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

I rode along with a Police officer during research and the strangest part of that whole experience was how sucky I thought it was for them that –  upon arresting someone – they have to wait in line with their “client” at the county jail until they’re processed. Sometimes that can take hours – depending on how busy the jail is – and they don’t/can’t pawn them off to a booking officer or someone else like you see in the movies or TV.  I also learned the city where I live is in the top 3 of the most violent in the state. I was surprised, but then I don’t walk around here at night.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Yes. Do the research. I’ve seen one too many Indie books this past year with incorrect police procedures, erroneous body decomposition descriptions and incorrect use of firearms. Almost all research can be done online nowadays, there’s really no excuse.

Excellent advice, Rebecca. Now, let’s ask some personal questions.

What is your favourite guilty pleasure?  

Sleeping. 🙂 But…  Chinese Food,  Lemonade, Popcorn and Martial Art Movie DVDs marathons capped off with a very big and pricey chocolate/peanut butter brownie cookie. Sucker costs $2 but it’s worth it. I usually have to get off my ass and walk about  two hours after that.  It’s an annual birthday thing, so after the walk – I have cake.

mmm…cake. What is your oddest quirk?            

I eat counter clock wise and don’t want the different items (if any) on my plate to cross contaminate.  I’m safe when it’s pizza, unless something falls off the slice.

I know you are very active on Twitter. Who are a few people you would recommend your readers follow? 

@Sirra_girl – she’s an editor and probably the originator of the hashtag #stabbylove – but she posts informative #writetips. Also @threecifer – creator of #novellines, a less obnoxious way to market your work. People wise, I enjoy periodic discourse with @TalentedAsian and @FleshnChrome plus non-writer, @kelvalen.

Today is Friday the 13th! Do you find this day lucky, unlucky, or just another day?

Very lucky. I’m hoping when I take a walk today a black cat will run across my path and increase my luck twofold!

Sounds like my kind of day! Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your fans?

Umm… Helllooo? I have fans?

Yup. Where can we find you?


my work in progress art site:

twitter: @CreepyWalker

Before you go, how about I push my luck and request an excerpt from Project 1: Callie?

Project 1: Callie. An Excerpt


Rebecca Treadway

“–so the burglar asks,”

I’m listenin’ to Diaz tell a quick joke where he’s parked next to his beat partner’s unit at the greenbelt between the Bridge and the State capital. I stopped hunting this Project Three so I can hear a joke that’s brand new to me. You live to be my age and you think you hear it all, you know?

“– what kind of people name a parrot, Moses?”

Hmm… I can’t think of what kind of people wanting a Parrot anyway. They’re too noisy and messy.

“And the parrot said, ‘The same kind of people that named a Rottweiler Jesus.”

“Haa!”  The K-9 officer slaps his door and his crazy dog starts to barking.

Lord but that’s funny! Heh heh! I like a good, clean Christian joke.

Diaz makes a face at that damn dog sticking his big ol’ head out the window.  He’s like me, he don’t like dogs ‘cause their nosey, ass kissin’ for food and always up in your coochie tryin’ to do a dominant thing, but he gets along with his partner. At least now. They had some problems once Diaz got off probationary period and Burberry stuck designating himself the big brother bully, couldn’t get over it.

That’s the first night we met, Diaz’s first night on his own. I saw him doin’ that body slam on some punk who roughed up an old lady right in a convenience store parking lot! He thought he could outrun a young Navaho coming out of a convenience store with his Slushie and no time to get in his official vehicle.

Mmhm, chase that nigga half a block and herd him right in some bushes so he wouldn’t split his face open when he fell down. Diaz nice like that, at least when there’s plants around.

I couldn’t help but stick my foot out and trip that ape when he was passing by in handcuffs.  Ain’t right dissing on old women like that.

That’s when I first see that rascal wink and a flash of dimples, while I was kneeling beside that ol’ Miss.

“Why?” I remember that’s the first thing I was askin’ him while I put my handkerchief on the old lady’s forehead to stop her bleeding.

“Some people are bad, Ma’am. Some are desperate.”  And he showed his hard ass self when he stick the ape in the back of his birdcage. “Some are both, and don’t care who they hurt.”

“No baby, I mean why you running a whole block after that dumbass with a Slushie?”

The ol’ Miss laughing at that one.

I’m still smiling on that day.  Half of it fell out when he tackle’ im and that ain’t bad a mess all things considering. I bought him a new one and he went along his way.

We already had our little chat at the end of the Blue Line and Diaz was tellin’ me to be careful more than usual ‘cause two murders happened on second watch when the sun was setting, and it’s right around the part of town I like to stroll. He offered up a ride and I declined to his displeasure.  He didn’t think I know how he’s subtly following me until he got a call and had to leave.

That worked good for me, I don’t want them knowin’ where I live.

It’s three in the mornin’ and I done passed the areas where this Project Three had its victims. I got the smell and it’s bad.  Human flesh mixed up with some animal. That’s Kaas’ thing…experimenting with different sorts of critters from the natural world and turnin’ a human into somethin’ with that critter’s abilities.

I can’t right figure out what I’m smelling ‘cause the power he invoke in it went wrong and it spoilt his victim’s mind.  In the old days when it failed, they used to let it run loose and wreak some havoc on humanity for the fun of it.

In this day and age, ain’t got the luxury – not with everyone walking’ around with camera phones. I sidle up against the wall of a wide service alley.  This where I take a short cut in my walk so I can sidestep Diaz’s patrol. They got a camera halfway down there but it won’t mean nothin’ to a failed one.

Ain’t no unusual smell down there, okay. Hmm. Where it hidin’? I checked the riverbanks already and it didn’t molest none of them that bunker down o’er by the Firehouse. I can’t  help think it’s more clever than Daddy tellin’ me, or than they realizing and that ain’t the first time it happen. Where you think Bigfoot come from?

I drift away from Capital Mall and cut through the park surrounding it, sniffin’ as I go.

Hmm. Hold up.

Some gruntin’ sounds like people  getting it on in the K Street alley…gonna take a peek..

Shit. I know that ain’t kinky sex happening, the man sounding like he in some pain and I got a smell coming to me I recognize from a confrontation on the Blue Line last year.

“Oh Lord, girl!” I couldn’t help yelling that. I recognize the poor thing. She one of my snacks from last year.  Heather-somethin’.

It all comin’ together now.   This is a message for me, courtesy of that motha fuckah , Kaas.

Shit now she’s runnin’.

“HEY YOU WAIT UP BITCH!”  I’m gonna flag her nekkid ass down and chase her away from them cameras.

Well goddam it a-rainin’ a little now but that don’t matter. I pull off a shoe, one foot at a time while I’m flyin’ after her, herding her across the street and down an incline into another grubby alley synched between some old buildings.  There’s about half a block of nothin’ but darkness down there and a wide field along it – good place for something to go down.

Oh my goodness. Yep, she’s run out of places to go right here, ‘cause the alley opens up to that dead end parking space on one side – and the street where the Blue Line passing is right ahead and it makin’ her stop and rememberin’ her past.

She turning to look at me.

“Honey…” I pause an hold my hands out. “I see a little humanity in there…you remember me, girl?”

Uh oh…She showing her white teeth, still wet from that blood she sucking out of that man. Yeah, she remembers me. Oops.

She’s herself enough to know she in trouble too, that’s why nobody findin’ her in the day. She had sense enough to hide  out somewhere.

What? She chargin’ at me.

I think I got myself a bit o’ trouble here…


Wow! Thank you so much, Rebecca!

Everyone, I hope you loved this Friday (the 13th) Spotlight with Rebecca Treadway. Make sure to stalk her via all the online links Rebecca listed above.



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  1. January 13, 2012 5:08 pm

    Thanks for featuring me on your blog, D.C. T’was fun! I’m heading out for that walk in a bit and hope to find a black cat!

  2. January 13, 2012 6:39 pm

    Ooh, me too!

  3. January 13, 2012 7:02 pm

    Creepy and scary! I’m now off to follow you!

  4. January 13, 2012 10:41 pm

    Hey Rebecca is awesome!! Great interview!! Thanks for the mention, I am very humbled to see my book mentioned here!!

  5. January 13, 2012 10:56 pm

    How did I not know it was Friday the 13th? Thank you for the creepy-goodness 🙂

  6. January 13, 2012 11:01 pm

    Whew…chills! Thanks for the superstitious-reminder!!!

  7. January 14, 2012 12:27 am

    That was a perfect way to round out a Friday the 13th! I’m now following the awesome Ms. Rebecca. Thanks for sharing the chilling excerpt.

  8. January 14, 2012 3:33 am

    Awesome, Rebecca. I had no idea what a cool chick you are. So many layers. Thx DC for the wonderful interview — as always!

  9. January 14, 2012 8:57 am

    Great interview. Loved the excerpt!

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