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Looking for a Short, Erotic Read? The Rental Now Available

May 4, 2012

Today is a wonderful day in the world of D.C. McMillen.

Why, you ask?

Today is the day my The Rental, my short erotic story is officially released by MuseItHot publishing!

If you do not recall, I gave a short excerpt for The Rental when I was tagged by Erica Lucke Dean not too long ago. Please read that R rated excerpt here.

Here is a little blurb for this story:

Cool and confident Karen meets Allan while she is in search of a fabulous short-term rental. At first Karen is underwhelmed with potential landlord Allan’s limp handshake and personality of wilted lettuce. As he shows her around his luxurious apartment, however, a more seductive and adventurous side of Allan is revealed, and Karen becomes determined to discover exactly what deliciously depraved fantasies lurk beneath his passive demeanor.

If it sounds at all interesting, please head on over to Amazon or the MuseItHot site to pick up your copy for just 99 cents. I am dying to know what you think about it.

Nancy and Susan, thank you so much for your help and advice! You are officially two of my new favourite people.

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