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How Not to Act in Public

September 5, 2012

I just arrived back in Toronto after a disgusting experience with United Airlines. I will leave the details for another time but to get the gist of it, my direct flight was cancelled so I was rerouted with a connection that did not work out. I had to spend the night, on my dime, in Montreal. I arrived at Pearson at about 7am but did not get home until after 10am. I’m not even going to discuss the whereabouts of my checked luggage.

I’ll be leaving for my grandfather’s funeral at 6am tomorrow so there is no time to nap. I have a LOT of shit to get done before now and tomorrow’s flight so this morning I decided to go straight to the coffee shop at the bottom of my building and order the largest coffee I could carry whilst dragging my suitcase to my apartment. When I got to the coffee shop, however, there was a hold up because of some psycho bitch. I only caught the middle and end of the conversation so I can only relay it to you from where I came in. I’m sure the beginning was more of the same so I doubt you’ll be missing much.


Staff: We only have pre-made cream cheese bagels. Would you like me to get one from the counter for you?


Staff: I’m sorry, we don’t make them fresh here. We don’t have cream cheese here.

Psycho Bitch (to staff): YOU HAVE FRESH BAGELS RIGHT THERE! *points to bagels with no cream cheese on them* JUST MAKE ME A FRESH BAGEL WITH CREAM CHEESE.

Staff: I can’t do that. I’m sorry. I don’t have cream cheese.


Staff: I can make you a fresh bagel with butter. Would you like that?

Psycho Bitch (to staff): LOOK, I’M IN A HURRY HERE. WHY IS THIS CONC- *this is where I cut her off*

Me (to Psycho Bitch): Cream cheese bagels are delivered pre-packaged every morning. They don’t have cream cheese here so she can’t make you a fresh bagel with cream cheese.


Me to (Psycho Bitch): *trying not to raise my voice but failing miserably* Well then don’t order one! Order something else!

Psycho Bitch (to me): WELL, IF THEY WOULD’VE JUST GIVEN ME A PLAIN BAGEL WITH BUTTER, THAT WOULD’VE BEEN FINE. (Yes folks, she is still yelling)

Me (to Psycho Bitch): If that’s what you want then order that. Why is this concept so difficult for you to understand?

Staff (to Psycho Bitch): Is that what you’d like, Ma’am? I can toast it for you.

Psycho Bitch (to staff): FINE. WHATEVER. I DON’T CARE.

The staff put her bagel in the toaster and then screwed up my order while waiting for hers to toast. Psycho bitch stood behind me glaring. They avoided her death looks and apologized profusely to me. I replied, ” Don’t worry about it, you’re flustered from the that customer. I would be, too.” They handed psycho bitch her bagel and she stormed out.

The staff and I made fun of her a little while they rang up my correct order. The other customers chuckled and guy did a great impression of, “Why is this concept so difficult for you to understand?”

Honestly, after the flight(s) from hell, the luggage fiasco and trying to plan for another week of upheaval, I understand the concept of having a bad day, and perhaps psycho bitch is having even a worse go of it than me but come on. Really? Some people need to learn how to act in public.

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  1. September 5, 2012 5:13 pm

    I used to hate having to deal with customers when I worked in a bar. Most people are lovely,but you always remember the psychos.
    Deep breath.
    Sorry about your grandad.

    • September 17, 2012 2:34 pm

      As someone who has spent a lot of time in customer service I have to agree. You always remember the bad ones. Sigh.

  2. September 5, 2012 5:58 pm

    The person who needed to behave would have been me, as I would have jumped over the counter, grabbed a pre-made bagel with cream cheese and shoved it down her throat. Would that have been so wrong?

    Hope your flight tomorrow is uneventful, sorry for your loss.

  3. September 5, 2012 9:01 pm

    Sorry to hear about your grandfather. This type of thing always makes me fume. There is never a need to yell at staff just trying to help you

    • September 17, 2012 2:36 pm

      I wonder if it is the people who have never worked a customer service job in their life who feel the need to bully staff around. Surely those that have been on the other end of the exchange are more empathetic?

  4. September 5, 2012 11:02 pm

    Good lord, she obviously doesn’t understand the concept of manners! love the way you cut her off. If you haven’t alreadyseen it, look up ‘United Breaks Guitars’ on YouTube. I can’t say I’m ever inspired to fly United!

    So sorry to hear about your grandfather.

    • September 17, 2012 2:42 pm

      Oh gosh, I’ve had so much trouble with United. Even on this trip, it was insane. Awesome video, thanks, Ciara!

  5. theinnerwildkat permalink
    September 6, 2012 2:04 am

    You know what? There actually IS a plus side to unreasonable, irrational customers like her. Those customers are usually followed by really kind, understanding and über sweet customers. They all feel bad for that employee for having to deal with her. 🙂

    • September 17, 2012 2:43 pm

      Lol! I think everyone in that line up gave an extra donation to the tip cup/therapy fund.

  6. September 6, 2012 3:11 am

    Condolences on your Grandfather’s passing. So if I understand you correctly, you are bitching about someone bitching in public. Guess you don’t see a blog post as public. Have a great night!

    • September 17, 2012 2:44 pm

      True, this is public but I don’t see people lining up to read my blog any time soon, demanding I make a fresh blog with cream cheese.

      • September 18, 2012 12:09 am

        Fair enough, and you have a great sense of humor, I just lined up to follow! Have a great night!

      • September 19, 2012 12:41 am

        Then I’m busting out the day-old cream cheese! 😀

  7. September 7, 2012 3:57 am

    I work at a fast food place, and you see crazed individuals act selfishly like this and worse all the time. In my opinion, these days society has gone too soft and customers too spoiled and think they can treat servers/waiters/staffers any which way they choose. Sadly, this is a case where this story is one in a million.

    • September 17, 2012 2:46 pm

      Fast food line ups are the worst for that! I feel for you, I really, really do.

  8. September 7, 2012 11:36 pm

    Some of the most horrible experiences I had in my life with people happened when I were a clerk. Some people apparently go out wishing to pick a fight, it’s obnoxious!

    Good for the staff that you were there to help!

    • September 17, 2012 2:47 pm

      I agree. It’s like some people wake up on the wrong side of the bed and they leave their house with the intention of making an innocent person pay for their bad mood/luck/mattress.

  9. September 7, 2012 11:37 pm

    *Oh my! What a horrible error!! When I WAS a clerk!!

  10. September 11, 2012 12:35 am

    The public nature of the bitching wouldn’t faze me. It would be the public disturbance, the disruption to service for everyone waiting behind the bitch, and just the general wrongness of treating someone poorly for something they have no control over, that would send me off on my own public bitch session.

    Sorry for your family’s loss, DC. Hope everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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