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Let’s All Pee Where We Want. Problem Solved.

November 21, 2012

An odd thing happened to me today in a public washroom. Yep, that is seriously how this story starts.

I walked into the washroom to find an elderly gentleman washing his hands. I did not bat an eyelash. I figure, if you’re seventy or so then you’ve earned the right to be  a little confused about where and even when to piss. I smiled and said, “Good afternoon” as I made my way to a stall. “Good afternoon,” the gentleman responded in a very feminine voice. That is when I realized that this senior citizen was, in fact transgendered. He dressed like an old man, he had an old man hair cut and old man glasses. If he had not responded to my greeting, I would have had no clue that this gentleman was a woman underneath that checked shirt, green tie and olive vest.

For the rest of the day – it was a very slow day and I didn’t have much else to do – I kept thinking about the transgendered senior in the women’s washroom. Did he not feel like he had the right to do his business in the men’s washroom? Did he not feel comfortable? Or has he spent his entire life wishing he could piss in the men’s room? If that’s the case, what other things did he wish he could do or not do?  I hear/read about transgendered youth having bathroom battles in their public schools. The win some, they lose some but at least they are making strides. Schools across North America are slowly starting to come around. And by starting to come around, I mean losing the battles in court. But what if we do see a complete turnaround on this issue, and washrooms everywhere become unequivocally available to the gender that a person most identifies with? If that happens, will this senior citizen continue to use the women’s washroom?

Yep, this is what occupied my mind on and off today…Sigh. I need a more entertaining job.

Anyway, here is an interesting article on transgendered Senior Citizens.


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  1. November 21, 2012 12:44 am

    Thanks! For the referenced blog. It is fascinating to watch the changes when a long time partner leaves. Sometimes it seems as though the one left behind blossoms. Not because the partner held them back but because they held themselves back for the partner. If that makes any sense?

    • November 21, 2012 6:00 pm

      Totally makes sense. 🙂 I liked that article, as well. There are a surprising number of inspiring stories about LBGT seniors online.

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