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Crank the Heat This Winter

December 6, 2012

In an effort to shamelessly self-promote, I would like to suggest that you stomp the slush off your boots, spike your hot chocolate and curl up under that afghan that doesn’t quite go with the rest of your decor but is so fucking comfy you don’t give a damn. Grab your e-reader and devour a couple of stories by yours truly – stories that are guaranteed to make the last dredges of winter cold melt away. In fact, if I’ve done my job, you will feel so warm and tingly you might as well be frying like bacon on a tropical beach somewhere. Aren’t you starting to feel better already?

DCMcMillenTheRustyNailSMThe Rusty Nail

This novella, which takes place in an entire day, is about a diverse group of characters, each of whom are connected – however fleeting or intimately – through a seedy bar on the wrong side of town. You will meet Vincent, a hulking if dimwitted Irishman, his sex bomb of a girlfriend, Gianna (or Jenna, as she prefers to be called), and Vincent’s hot Spanish neighbour, Juan, who is hellbent on converting him from straight to gay. You will meet Holly, a wealthy housewife who just learned her husband and slumlord of The Rusty Nail is cheating on her with about a billion women. Luckily Holly’s trainer, Alexandria, is there to comfort her in the most carnal way she knows how. Of course, there are other characters but you will just have to read The Rusty Nail to learn more about them.

Check out The Rusty Nail on Amazon.


TheRental_333x500The Rental –

This short story is about a Cool and confident woman named Karen. Karen meets Allan while she is in search of a fabulous short-term rental. At first Karen is underwhelmed with potential landlord Allan’s limp handshake and personality of wilted lettuce. As he shows her around his luxurious apartment, however, a more seductive and adventurous side of Allan is revealed, and Karen becomes determined to discover exactly what deliciously depraved fantasies lurk beneath his passive demeanour.

Check out The Rental on Amazon.


adecentdecember333x500A Decent December –

This short story is about quirky and funny Nina who, after finding her louse of a boyfriend playing hide the sausage with a local deli clerk, moves to Toronto. With no boyfriend and no friends in the new city to distract her from her lack of quality orgasms,  she shells $60 for a Hitachi Magic Wand and calls it a night. When her abnormally handsome neighbour, Ned, takes a liking to her English bull dog, Betty, however, Nina might just forget all about her new obsession, Mr. Hitachi.

A Decent December will be released very soon but why wait? If you pre-order it now from my publisher’s site now, you can save 20% off the cover price. How can you turn down a funny and sweet erotic story that’s only 79 cents?!


Hey, why are you still here? Go check out these books! I’ve provided the links and everything.

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