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Have a Drunk and Sexy Easter!

March 29, 2013

Last Easter I woke up extra early to hide chocolates and candy all over the condo for the boyfriend. He raced around like a kid trying to find everything. Despite his best efforts, some of the treats were not found until days after Easter weekend. This was problematic for me because I kept having nightmares of my dog finding chocolate and scarfing it down. The dream always ended the same; she would glare contemptuously at her terrible, irresponsible owner before her eyes rolled back in her head as she stiffened and fell over. The boyfriend kept reminding me that I didn’t hide anything below waist level, completely out of reach of my little dog, but dammit, what if one of them fell?! The other problem to arise from my well-intentioned Easter fun was that the boyfriend doesn’t eat a lot of chocolate or candy so that task fell almost entirely on me. Le sigh.

I decided to do things a little differently this year. I was tempted to buy the boyfriend these:

I Love Easter briefsyou can buy these here

But then decided to get the guy something he’d actually like. So here is his Easter basket for this year:

Easter basket 2013

A variety of his favourite beer from Montreal that is way too difficult to find in Ontario, Coca Cola, which he loves but never seems to find in the house (it never occurs to him to look in the grocery store), Cadbury cake thingies, a few small tools and, a picture hanging kit since I need him to hang some art for me. He was totally impressed with everything except that last item because he no longer has an excuse for not hanging shit up.

So now I am off to celebrate the Easter weekend by trying not to eat candy, working both tonight and all day Sunday, and cleaning house in case any unexpecteds (I truly loathe unexpecteds) come by.  Regardless of the hectic weekend I have planned, I am determined that the boyfriend and I will make time to paint at least a couple eggs while sampling a few of those beers.

Before I go, here’s a sexy Easter Bunny I found on the interwebs:

Easter Bunny Sexyimage credit

Now that I’ve supplied the inspiring imagery, I’d like to wish you all a super sexy, drunk Easter!

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  1. March 29, 2013 3:53 pm

    Why do Easter Bunny costumes always manage to look so creepy?


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