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Steamy Erotic Romance Just Released

April 6, 2013

The Wedding, new eroticaI am more than excited to announce the official release of The Wedding, a steamy erotic short story involving two of my favorite characters, Karen Valentine and Allan Stone.

Karen is a confident, independent woman who does not like to be weighed down with emotional baggage – hers or that of others. Allan is, well, Allan. His confidence comes in spurts, usually when Karen is inadvertently distracting him from the mess of a recent marriage and subsequent divorce. This is the unlikely couple’s second date, and Karen is not too thrilled that it is taking place at a stuffy wedding in the outskirts of Chicago. In fact, if it wasn’t for Allan’s sexy abs and his innate ability to melt Karen’s icy determination with a single glance, she wouldn’t be attending this dull affair at all. But now that she has agreed to accompany Allan, Karen fully intends to make the most out of the evening in the sexiest and funnest way she know how.

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The Wedding, Excerpt

Carefully balancing the overflowing glass in one hand and a smutty paperback in the other, I sauntered into the living room. After placing both beside my open laptop on the modern glass coffee table in front of me, my body sank into the ridiculously comfortable sofa. Where did Allan find such a gem? My landlord—and guy I had sex with once—had excellent taste. I kicked off my hot pink stilettos, tucked my feet under me, and wrapped a cream-coloured cashmere throw around my lower body.

I reached for my book but paused when the familiar bloop bloop of Skype announced someone was video calling. Scooping up my laptop, I clicked “accept.” Allan’s charming face appeared on screen.

“Hello Allan, It’s nice to see you,” I said, amused. The guy just Skyped me three days ago. This was starting to become a regular thing. Truthfully I didn’t mind. If it were not for the fact that Allan was in Philadelphia while I was stuck here in Chicago, the guy would be much more than just a one-time lover.

“Hi Karen, I’m not, uh, interrupting am I? I can call back later…” His voice trailed off. I rolled my eyes.

“No, Allan. What can I do for you? Would you like me to get naked for the camera again?”

His face blushed to the colour of my heels. “Well, that was a fun experiment. Perhaps I could hold off my question until later,” he answered. Even through the shitty quality of video, his eyes flashed, complimenting the wicked smile smeared across his face. Good. Confident Allan was back, if only momentarily.

“What question is that, baby?” In the little corner of the screen that held my image, I could see my lips curled upward, matching Allan’s expression.

“Oh, um, I’m going to be in town next weekend,” he said.

“Mmm, I like where this is going,” I interrupted.

“I have to attend a wedding. My best friend from childhood is getting hitched that Saturday.”

“Not the one you caught in the shower with your ex and his wife?”

Allan’s eyes dulled. “No, not him,” he answered. “A real friend.”

A tiny stab of guilt landed in my gut. I considered apologizing for bringing up the painful memory, but dismissed the thought. That happened, like, eight months ago. The guy should just get over it.

“So what, you want to meet after the wedding? I’m free on Sunday so that could work out perfectly.”

“Well, no…er…”

I rolled my eyes again, a twinge of annoyance fluttering in my stomach.

“What can I do for you, Allan?”

“Come to the wedding with me?”


“As your date? To the church and everything?”

“Well that’s generally how it works, yes,” he said, his tone dry and a little hurt.

“I, um, well…”



If you like The Wedding, why not check out how Karen and Allan first met, in The Rental.

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  1. April 7, 2013 10:13 pm

    Beautiful cover and loved the excerpt…too cute!

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