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Six Sentence Sunday: The Wedding

April 21, 2013

The Wedding, erotica romanceI have another six-sentence excerpt for you on this fine Sunday. Once again, it is an excerpt from The Wedding, my latest erotic release.

The Wedding, excerpt

Fuck, he looks good in a tux.

That was the first thought to enter my brain after I swung open the door to my temporary apartment. His chocolate brown eyes widened as he perused the length of my body.

“You like?” I asked, slowly twirling for him.

“I like,” he rasped, reaching for me.

Stepping into his arms, I raised my head.


There it is, short and sweet. I hope you liked it. And if you did like it, here is the Amazon buy link. It’s also available on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, All Romance, etc.

I’ve had two reviews of The Wedding so far, both of them fabulous and five stars! Here they are:

Ever been to a boring wedding, wishing you could escape the dull chitchat and cut straight to the icing on top of that layer cake? D.C. McMillen’s short erotic piece, “The Wedding,” skips all the filler and takes you right to the creamy center, with a sex scene that makes both Allan’s ex-wife and readers jealous. Enjoy this quick romp on a lazy Sunday, or skip a real wedding for a bit of frothy fun.


D.C. does it again with The Wedding. The thing I like best about her books is the fun factor. It’s not just a down and dirty sex romp, it has a lot of fun, and great characters. Karen Valentine is one of my new favorites.

Thanks so much for the reviews and for reading my books. I feel so loved!

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