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Gatsby! GATSBY!!!

April 23, 2013

If you didn’t know, I am so excited about The Great Gatsby coming to theatres this May.


The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite love stories. It is set in the twenties, which means the boyfriend is looking forward to it as well. He loves anything from that time period so I wont have to cajole, drag or barter to get him to the theatre. Not that I would bother, anyway. In fact I prefer going to movies by myself. Anyway, back to The Great Gatsby.

Here’s an interesting fact; F. Scott Fitzgerald did not immediately want to name the book The Great Gatsby. Here are a few names he came up with before settling:

  • Gatsby
  • Among Ash-Heaps and Millionaires
  • Trimalchio
  • Trimalchio in West Egg
  • On the Road to West Egg
  • Under the Red, White, and Blue
  • Gold-Hatted Gatsby
  • The High-Bouncing Lover

I’m so glad he settled on The Great Gatsby, his wife’s suggestion.

Here is the original cover art:

great gatsby original cover

The artist who did this cover was Francis Cugat. It is hard to see but there is actually a naked woman reflected in those floating eyes.

Here is one of the posters they are using for Gatsby, the movie (click on the image to enlarge):


I’m also interested to hear the sound track, which includes Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lana Del Ray, Florence and the Machine, Gotye, Jack White and others.

Here is a link to the GQ exclusive of Over the Love by Florence and the Machine.

Oh hey, if it pisses you off that you have to wait until mid-May to see Gatsby, there is an alternate 1920’s era movie that you can watch, if you’re so inclined. I really enjoyed Easy Virtue with cutie Collin Firth and hottie Jessica Biel. It’s light and funny so, other than the era,  I don’t expect it to be anything like Gatsby. Still, it is worth checking out.



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  1. April 23, 2013 3:46 am

    DC, so excited also, am reading again this month, getting ready, going gold class with champers and truffles! Thanks for the teasers.

  2. April 25, 2013 1:41 am

    I just watched the Redford / Farrow film this past weekend. I do hope Luhrmann doesn’t eff it up though. That original cover is To Die For. Have you read “Tender is the Night”? Ohhhh, now that’s a book. Longer, yes, but so much more autobiographical. Poor Zelda.


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