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On Trying New Things: More Drunk than Famous

June 27, 2013

A friend of mine asked if the boyfriend and I would model for her so she could test out some new equipment and lighting techniques. Never having modeled before, and being a girl who almost always says yes to trying something new, I immediately agreed to give it a go. Besides, if she was asking the boyfriend and I, she was probably pretty desperate. I mean, we’re not a couple of Quasimotos or anything but we’re no David and Victoria Beckham, either.

So, ignoring tiny details like my chipped and un-manicured nails, the fact that my flat iron had a nervous breakdown a few days ago and I had yet to replace it with a functioning one, or the thousand or so errands on my To Do list, I called my boyfriend and told him to be prepared for a photo shoot that night.

“How the fuck does one prepare for a photo shoot?”

“I don’t know, doll face. Maybe try not to sweat so much at work or something.”

“Did you tell them I’m not very photogenic?”


“Did you tell them I hate getting my picture taken?”


“Alright, I’ll do it. But you have to pick out what I’m wearing.”


“And my outfit should include jeans.”


I did manage to get a new flat iron that day, thank goodness. Also found the time to at least trim my nails. I never wear a lot of make up so when she told me to go heavy with it, it took a few tries but I think I did okay with that, too.

When we arrived at her studio, I showed her a couple of different outfits and let the photographers decide what we should wear. Then the boyfriend and I wandered around Yorkville with three photographers and tons of equipment in tow. We did whatever they told us and let them arrange and rearrange our bodies into positions they felt were pretty. At first it was uncomfortable, mostly because of the attention. Not just from the photographers but from some of the passersby who stopped to watch what was going on. Others complimented our cuteness as we canoodled. Some whispered their thoughts on whether or not we were famous. A couple of people snapped a couple pics with their cell phones just in case we were somehow important (sorry to disappoint, people. TMZ will not be paying good money for those shots any time soon).

After overcoming our discomfort,  the boyfriend and I actually began to enjoy all of the different poses, most of which involved us smushing ourselves against each other. We hugged and held hands and kissed and attempted to gaze lovingly into each others’ eyes, hoping the photographers would get their shot before we cracked up laughing.  I’ll be honest, folks, it was kind of sexy!

When the shoot was over, we arbitrarily chose a burger joint for dinner – The Gourmet Burger. I ordered the grilled Mahi Mahi burger and the boyfriend ordered the breakfast burger. Our first round included a couple of excellent beers and then we went for the martinis. Then we discovered their shots were CRAZY cheap. Somehow we had managed to accidentally find ourselves in what must be the only place in Toronto to offer $2 and $3 shots. Obviously we couldn’t pass those up. So we did a couple of shots. And then a couple more. And perhaps a couple more after that. At some point we declared our evening, which included our first ever photo shoot, quite a romantic if drunken success. We may have toasted to this a couple more times before officially calling it a night. Our bill amounted to well over $100 and, thanks to our somewhat inebriated state, we laughed the whole way home over how we managed to spend that much at a burger joint with $2 and $3 shots. But, hey, if we decide to use those photos as our engagement pictures, we totally saved money that night. Right? Right?

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