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contemporary erotic humour



contemporary erotic humour

After finding her louse of a boyfriend playing hide the sausage with a local deli clerk, Nina moves to Toronto. Determined to swear off men for a yet to be determined amount of time, she shells $60 for a Hitachi Magic Wand and calls it a night. When her abnormally handsome neighbour, Ned, takes a liking to her English bull dog, Betty, however, Nina realizes that December just might be the hottest month of the year.

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Despite the dim lighting in his rundown bar, Randall sees the seemingly random lives of his customers intersect in the most unusual ways. Why, in just a single day, he eavesdrops on a gay man flirting with his straight boyfriend, spies a Stepford style wife slip into the shadows of a cracked leather booth to join an Italian bombshell wearing a trench coat, stilettos and not much else, and demands a lunatic in search of chocolate milk to vacate his establishment, all the while hoping his slick and skuzzy landlord doesn’t show up to collect back rent.

What Randall doesn’t realize is that, other than their questionable taste in watering holes, these patrons all have something in common. Each one of them will experience a unique sexual encounter that will awaken, enlighten, or perhaps even devastate their lives.

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The Rental

Cool and confident Karen meets Allan while she is in search of a fabulous short-term rental. At first Karen is underwhelmed with potential landlord Allan’s limp handshake and personality of wilted lettuce. As he shows her around his luxurious apartment, however, a more seductive and adventurous side of Allan is revealed, and Karen becomes determined to discover exactly what deliciously depraved fantasies lurk beneath his passive demeanour.

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The Nauti-Lust Series is filled with elements of humour, bordering on the ridiculous. It is a series of short stories that surround the private (and not so private) lives of the residents, visitors and guests at an island marina and yacht club. With so many different personalities sharing such a small chunk of real estate, things can get crazy – and crazy hot – very quickly.

NOTE: The publishing rights to the  Nauti-Lust series have just reverted to the author. Sale is temporarily available through the author only (99 cents per copy) . Please email ( @ ) I will get them up on Amazon, etc. soon.

Erotica Gay Short Story

The Sweet Spot – Paul’s candy covered erection isn’t the only birthday present Tag hopes to unwrap on this vacation. Unfortunately Paul forgot Tag’s birthday gift back home. When the couple meets dashing and debonair candy shop owner, Mr. Sweets, Tag sees an opportunity for Paul to make up for the absent gift, and he orchestrates a most unforgettable birthday threesome.


TheTourist by D.C. McMillen

Nauti-Lust – The Tourist 

Missing the Warhol exhibit isn’t the only thing that sucks on this last day of vacation. Mia is a deceptively wild tourist with a fetish for giving blow jobs in public places. Even though painfully shy Dom and Mia keep getting caught in compromising positions, er, situations, Mia is determined to end her vacation with a very big bang.



The Blind Date by D.C. McMillen

Nauti-Lust – The Blind Date

Deborah, blindsided by her mother and peach pie, agrees to go on a blind date with Melvin, a supposedly charming dentist. She meets him at his yacht club’s private bar, The Captain’s Daughter. When things go south even more quickly than most dates orchestrated by her mother, Deborah is lucky enough to have the bartender to keep her company, and make the ferry ride all the way to the island worthwhile.

ISBN: 9781618290281

The Islander by D.C. McMillen

Nauti-lust – The Islander
Frank encounters a stranded tourist on the island. With the last ferry long gone and the water taxi service closed for the night, Frank brings the helpless tourist back to his marina to see if anyone is awake and willing to help her get back to the mainland before morning. His new friend and fellow boater, Tess is awake but unable to bring her across the water. Instead the three begin drinking too many margaritas and swapping embarrassing sex stories. Tess and the tourist, however, find little humour in Frank’s tale of his first and only bondage attempt, which failed miserably, and set about helping him realize his unfulfilled fantasy of being dominated.



BDLBack Door Lover – Used to be, a back door lover was a man sneaking an affair with a married woman and a staple character in Blues music. Not anymore. Now, it’s code for anal sex and you know what? Anyone can bend over. Boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, straight or queer, it doesn’t matter. And Back Door Lover presents it all.

Here, you’ll find everything from hot guys hooking up to daring women strapping it on, from wild flings of erotic adventure to tender, poignant tales of erotic romance, all with the back door as their backdrop.

Available on Amazon and other online bookstores.


Stretched – An Anthology That Fondles the Imagination

A collection of odd and humorous erotic stories.

Available at B&N and other bookstores.




WTF?! Anthology WTF?! Anthology by Pink Narcissus Press features short stories and flash fiction pieces that are off-the-wall, strange and not quite able to fit under any one defined genre. D.C’s flash fiction piece, entitled The Unlucky Fruit, is the shortest story (by far) in this collection of odd works. It is about the futility of love and life in a produce aisle. This book is available in print and e-book format through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You may also purchase a print copy from D.C. directly for $13.95 USD ($3.00 off the cover price) + $3.00 S&H. D.C.’s Paypal address is (@)  Please make a note if you would like a signed copy.

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    December 18, 2011 10:40 pm

    I’d love to read The Islander!

    Happy Holidays & thanks for the giveaway!

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